Reno Fun: Genoa Tour and Italian Festival

My Favorite Part of the Genoa Tour

I met many older Nevadans on the tour who have been in the agriculture business for a long time. They all had a lot to share about growing up and farming in rural Nevada. I met a 95 year old who others called the “Garlic King” of Yerington, NV. I guess he eventually sold out to the famed Perry & Sons outfit. He was a very nice man who told great stories and had a passion for sharing his knowledge of the past. He was pretty spry for his age. Jumped on and off the bus with no problem all day long!
The farm to table concept whether it was Ranch 1 where they had their own grass fed beef butcher shop in Genoa and also supplied the JT Basque restaurant (where we had lunch.)
Ranch 2 the Bently Heritage Estate Distillery was an important part of the food and drink scene. They all took great pride in growing and raising the grains and animals in a sustainable healthful environment.
Looking forward to putting out the interior photos taken at the Bentley Heritage Estate Distillery.
The tour was a tremendous opportunity to learn about the families who paved the way for all the agricultural opportunity in the Carson Valleys. The tour guides were so knowledgeable. We were hanging on every word as they shared knowledge of the families who paved the road for all of the agricultural abundance. Here is a link to a brief prelude to the tour. JUMP ON THE BUS TOUR 2018.

Another Option to Book a Tour!

If you don’t want to wait another year to take the tour, you can book a tour with Kim, the owner of Genoa Historic Ghost Tours. Prices are only $20 for adults. Email Kim at or call 775-220-0605 for a tour! If it’s a brisk day outside, don’t worry you can throw on your hat and gloves and still enjoy a scenic ride.

Italian Festival in Reno NV

The vibe in the crowd, and it was massive, was so cool. It was all about eating good food and socializing with others. I liked how you could buy some pasta and go to all the local Italian families, who just know their family recipe for sauce is the best, and sample the various flavors. A lot of pride goes into the making of the sauce. The live music was excellent, all with an Italian flair.
If you haven’t visited the Italian Festival in Reno, I recommend you check it out next year!

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