Reno is Angry that UNR Homes are in Danger and You Should be too

If you missed it, there’s a huge debate that has swept over Reno regarding the endangered neighborhood of UNR’s Historic Homes. As someone who has a great appreciation for this city, and a fascination of the rich history that lives here, I’ve been avidly following this story as it has progressed. Read on to learn recent news about what we can expect going forward.

Important Update about these Endangered, Historic Homes


Recently, Jenny Brekhus, City Council Member at City of Reno, wrote a post to describe her visit with President Johnson & UNR Governor Affairs Person/State Senator Heidi Gansert. She explains that “they confirmed that the UNR homes will be razed soon.” In addition, the properties (and presumably if they are successful in getting City Council to approve abandoning streets & alleys) will be the home of a new Business Building, Parking Garage & Life Sciences Building.) They stated that they need the land readied and the buildings designed, to pursue philanthropic funds for construction.

The state of Nevada has already given planning approval for the Business Building.

As Dr. Alicia Barber states:

“We must not sit by as this university administration makes plans to thoughtlessly and needlessly bulldoze these irreplaceable historic houses as though “progress” somehow necessitates it. To destroy them when so many nearby parcels both north and south of Interstate 80 are crying out for investment should be a crime. This university belongs to the entire state, and I hope others will have the courage and long-range vision to stand up for these houses and what they can remain and become, whether as offices, retail, dining, or housing, to retain this gorgeous tree-lined university entrance, to the lasting benefit of both the city and campus community.”

Comment below if you have any more questions!

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