New Home Builder:

Things to Know Before You Go!

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  1. New Homes cost from 10-15% more than resale homes. Think new car vs. used car.
  2. When you enter into contract with a New Home Builder and you are not represented by your own Realtor, you have no representation! You sign a form acknowledging that the model home sales person is working for the Builder and not you.
  3. Will I get a better deal at a New Home project if I do not bring my realtor? No, the builders realize that realtors work with the majority of buyers in the real estate market. If they give the buyer a better purchase price for not arriving with a realtor then realtors may not bring their clients to the New Home projects. That would be disastrous for them.
  4. Can a purchase price less than asking be negotiated? Yes, if the subject property is “standing inventory”. This means the home is almost completed and the builder is willing to reduce the price so they will not have to go from a construction loan to a conventional loan.

New Home Buying?

Let’s Work Together!


I want to represent you if you are considering a purchase with a new home builder!

Let me help you find the housing projects that fit your needs and parameters. You are not being represented by a realtor in the model home office – they just represent the seller.

Whether you pick a lot and build from scratch or are looking for a quick delivery home, to realize a price discount, the sales offices like to stay in touch with us so we can get information about availability out to our clients. Together we find the right home and then review the purchase agreement.

If you’d like, I can even accompany you to the design center and help with ideas and options. I’ll send you tons of photos and reports during the construction process of your home, whether you’re here in town or building from far away. My background is in construction and it has given me a good eye for quality.

When it’s time to walk through your home with the builder, I will be there with you to get another set of eyes on the progress to ensure a quality finished product. When all construction is completed, I will be there with you at the signing table to ensure a smooth closing so you can enjoy your beautiful home. Yes, it’s a long process but as your agent I will be there with you every step of the way and add as much value to your home as I possibly can.

Things to Know Before You Go:


  1. Threshold Rule: In order for me to help in the purchase I must accompany you on your first visit.
  2. Contract Review: Although new home builders have contracts that cannot be changed they do need interpretation.
  3. My favorite aspect of the New Home process is watching the build. As part of my service to you, I visit the home site on a weekly basis, and send photos and updates on the progress.
  4. Sales agents reach out when homes fall out of contract and become available, standing inventory.


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