You Have to ‘See See’ Motorcycle Coffee

I was driving in downtown Reno recently, when a new coffee shop called See See Motor Coffee Co. caught my eye. When I saw “CC” on the sign I immediately thought of cubic centimeters and motorcycles. I decided to stop by and grab a cup, but was not at all expecting what I found inside! A world where coffee and motorcycles collide.

When I was a kid, my dad owned a Suzuki motorcycle store in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. My affinity for motorcycles began there, and never stopped growing. My dad had a friend with the very first vintage collection of street and race bikes that I had ever seen. As kids, we grew up learning and loving everything we could about motorcycles, especially RACING. My dad would take us to Motorcycle Speed Week in Daytona, where dealers, manufacturers and the public meet for all things motorcycle and some amazing racing.

So, can you see why happiness came flooding back to me when I walked into See See Motor Coffee Co.?  The moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by very rare, vintage bikes on display all around the shop. They are rotated out after they have been there for a while.


Seeing a storefront where motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages could gather and admire these rare classics is pretty cool. I was so intrigued by this concept – I just had to learn more! So I sat down with the manager to get the details on how this awesome shop was born. Read on to learn more about See See Motor Co.

The company started when Thor Drake, the owner and founder, started selling t-shirts to his friends in Portland, OR. But they weren’t just any shirts, and Thor wasn’t just any guy. Thor gained popularity in the motorcycle industry because of his innate talent and skill as a racer. His shirts were just an extension of his natural love for the sport, and his friends and fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the racing apparel he created. Thor is still a legend, and races to this day!

See See Motor Coffee Co. was born in Portland, with two distinct parts to it: first is the racing company itself, and second is the brick and mortar shop.


“We make race apparel, racing t-shirts and sponsor riders everywhere. We’re heavily involved in the motorcycle community. And our brick and mortar shop, is a way to create a welcoming atmosphere, where people can gather in worship of motorcycles.” says Jack Beisel, manager of See See Motor Coffee Co. in Reno.

“The storefronts are more a community place. Motorcycling in Portland is a seasonal endeavor, so we created the storefront as year round space for people to gather and talk about cycles in a way that was open, friendly and accessible.”

In addition to selling apparel, and creating a cool place to gather – they also rebuild motorcycles for show and for racing. The motorcycles displayed in their shop are all bikes they’ve sponsored previously or rebuilt recently.

“We’re really friendly with some guys from the Vintage Motorcycle Association. We’ve invited some of them to show their bikes, and they have happily obliged. It’s a win, win – they’re able to display their unique collectibles, and our Reno community can see some special vintage models that no one’s ever seen before,” says Jack.


“One of our main goals is to cater to the community and bridge the gap between older racers and their epic stories and the younger generation who are just getting started. We think we’ve found a the perfect ‘apex’ as bikers would say. So, what are you waiting for! Come stop by, grab some coffee and check out the store.”


Thanks so much for joining us today, Jack! I’ve obviously found my new favorite coffee spot – which goes beyond a great cup. If you’re interested in motorcycles, or even if you’re not — See See Motor Coffee Co. is a must see. Call me if you’re interested in joining me there one morning! (775) 544-6400.



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