Local Restaurants Support API Heritage Month

The entire month of May in Reno-Sparks is celebrating Asian Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month with an event called the Common Thread Asian Noodle Tour.

The event highlights 20 Asian-owned restaurants, offering special dishes for $10 or less. The event was organized by Michael Tragash, Yelp’s senior community manager in Reno and with a check-in on Yelp you can take advantage of these tasty dishes at a great price.

“As supporters of each other, I wanted to find out how we can work together to get some visibility for these businesses, owners and organizations, especially in light of the rising anti-Asian sentiment and incidents of Asian racial hate in our country,” Tragash said.

Hungry consumers interested in supporting businesses of The Common Thread can explore a variety of noodle specials, everything from bean thread noodles to pho to cheung fun, at a wide range of API-owned restaurants in greater Reno-Sparks.

Participating businesses include: Haru; The Coconut Downtown; Rice Box Kitchen; Silver Chopsticks; Viet Pho; Loco Ono; Bab Café; Kwok’s Bistro; Siu Asian Express; Maya’s South Indian Cuisine; Aloha Shack; Lanna Thai Café; Bangkok Cuisine; Moo Dang; Arario Midtown; India Kabab & Curry; Crawfish Asian Cuisine; Num Num Boba; Lolo’s Filipino Restaurant & Lounge; and Ijji Noodle House & Poke Don.

The Common Thread is a great opportunity to introduce people to the culture and food that Asian-owned restaurants provide right here in our local Northern Nevada community. While it might take more than one month celebrating, it’s a great way to get out and appreciate our neighbor’s culture and try some delicious new foods!

Read more about some of the local restaurant owners here.




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